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[Flynn's actually addressing the camera, this time. He looks a fair bit less panicked, but there's something tense and resigned in his expression as he addresses the Barge at large for the last time.]

Just in case anyone's curious, I'm going home for good this time. [Hopefully. Unless, you know, he gets killed and dragged back here as a warden, but. Nah, gonna go find Rapunzel and figured out where they're going from here.]

I'd say it's been a blast, but I think we all know this place isn't exactly the private vacation spot some people seem to want to make it be.

[Private to Jim]

I just wanted to say thanks, again. I'm not sure it's more fun than being off saving the universe on your space ship, but as far as I'm concerned, you can drop by my world any time. I'll let Max know you're alright and everything. [Because dat horse. :|]

[Private to Shego]

I know we weren't exactly close while I was here, but. Keep an eye out for him?

[Private to Arya]

This might seem kind of ridiculous, considering you're way more competent than some adults I know, but stay out of trouble, kid. [You were a good fake friend, tiny scary child.]
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[The video feed starts recording as soon as the comm hits the ground, giving everyone a nice shot of the ceiling of Flynn's room. There's a groan from off camera as Flynn starts to push himself off the ground. He sounds a little foggy at first, because Flynn apparently really loves getting whacked on the head and the world is kind of spinning right now.]

... Rapunzel? [Except wait. Definitely not on that island after the lantern festival. Where on Earth-] Rapunzel?!

[Flynn gets up, and there's a flash of him looking pretty panicked, still at an odd angle. He stumbles around the room for a few seconds, trying to get his bearings back.]

No. No, no no no no. [And that would be the sound of him taking off to run down the hall, throwing the door open and not bothering to check if it closed behind him.] RAPUNZEL?

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him running around the Barge! He's going to head up to the deck probably and then have a moment of oh fuck my life why am I still here. nvm Mel has claimed him so that Kirk can find him. He'll reply to journal responses, but it'll be after he comes back to his room.]
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[Hey, cast of The Last Voyages. Zach's sitting on a set bench, which is probably left over from some port or breach or something, and gets dragged out whenever there's use/need for it. He's got a script sitting next to him and is out of costume, wearing a red t-shirt and jeans instead of Flynn's usual outfit.]

It's too bad the storm didn't take out the internet connection. I'm really not sure anything good can come from reading about yourselves online. Aren't we supposed to stay away from some of that stuff, just in case it makes people uncomfortable? [He grabs his smartphone and flips through something, looking a little confused and/or horrified. NOT SURE IF WANT CLICK THAT IMAGE PIC, DAMON.] And would keep people from updating their Twitters every five minutes, I'm not sure why I even got one of these things.

[He puts his phone back down and picks up the script, holding it up a little.]

So, anyone got any theories on what's happening next this season? Rumors? Or, I don't know, I feel like we should be doing something other than just sitting around waiting for the crew to show up, you know?

[ooc: Flynn is Zach Keane, who's kind of new at this whole thing. He's done some voice acting on a couple low budget Disney knock off animated movies, but this is his first real I'm actually on screen gig. He's pretty comfortable with it, and can be a little snarky about stuff, mostly because he'd like everyone to get along, but is generally a good guy to work with, and he likes his job okay.]
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[Flynn's in the common room on level six, with the pool table. He's examining a pool cue, and generally looking somewhere between unimpressed, bored, and maybe a little curious. He's seen people playing before, but he's never really had the inclination to join in, but. Now he's bored and this is something to do.]

Can anyone actually explain to me how this game's supposed to work? I'm pretty much a hundred percent sure they haven't invented it back where I'm from, and I figure there's at least a little more to it than hitting some balls with a stick.

[Also guess who's pretty much totally unphased by the dream stuff or whatever other weird things might be going on right now.

Although really he might be singing a different tune if he was being subjected to some of the nightmares running around but oh well.]

[Private to the Once-ler]

So, you really have a thing against trees, huh?
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You know, it's great that we're all getting along so well this weekend. Alright, I know there've been a few misunderstandings about some things, but we've definitely had worse weeks, and as long as everyone's not trying to hurt anyone else, I think we'll all do okay.

And I hope people know if they need to talk about anything that's bugging them, my door's always open.

[Private to Kirk]

Hey, buddy. How are you holding up? I know Cissie was a friend of yours, and goodbyes can be kinda rough.

[ooc: Flynn's totally affected and is a genuine, nice person who will want to help you all with your problems and play therapist if need be. Because that's just the kind of guy he is.]
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You know, that was a lot of fun. Very "close to home", [You can almost hear the finger quotes.] in a lot of ways.

[For anyone who didn't run into him, Flynn was a notoriously good thief and quasi pirate who basically was willing to get hired out for big scores, but never really stuck to one crew or another.]

Too bad we couldn't bring back any of the stuff, but then again, considering how things work around here, I guess gold's not all that useful. [Nevermind that he still has a stolen tiara on him plus most of Kirk's action figures he still hasn't returned, but you know. The point still remains, money doesn't have a lot of use on the Barge.]

I mean, what's the point of having lots of gold if you can't blow it on on some private island to retire on? That's really all I'm asking for in life. Or a castle. Ideally, both, but I guess I'd be willing to settle on one or the other.

And honestly, after... whatever that was, I think I'm leaning more towards the island again.
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As much fun as that was, Admiral, I'm glad that was apparently a "once a year" type deal.

I don't really do the whole chasing people around like a lovesick loser thing.

[Private to Kirk]

I made friends with the stabby kid, the robot, and Valmont.

Also I need one Alexander Amosu suit, with these measurements. [Which fit Valmont not Flynn but. Details.]
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[Filtered away from Kirk and Shego (HE KNOWS YOU'RE CO-CONSPIRATORS)]

Right. I've been instructed by my warden to go out and make a "friend", [You can practically hear the airquotes.] but since most of you are - no offense - crazy, I'm kind of not really interested in putting in the effort only to find out you're here because you chopped up your girlfriend with an axe or something.

So, if anyone's interested in pretending we're pals, I'll figure out a way to make it up to you. Not by helping your let's get off the ship plot or killing anyone, but name your price, and I can figure out something worth your while.

[Private to Shego]

So what's the official Barge policy on former wardens and inmates being together?
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[Flynn has taken his journal up to the deck and at this point, has somehow more or less figured out how to get the video function working without making a complete derp of himself. He's badass like that. So, you're getting a lovely view of the deck, specifically focusing on all those stars hanging out in the black, narrated by Flynn, who sounds a little self satisfied and smug through the whole thing.

Apparently he's adjusted to the whole I'm stuck here now thing pretty well, after the initial OH GOD WHY, anyway.]

You know, I could get used to a view like this.

I mean, once you get over the horrible feeling of what on earth is this thing floating on, it's actually pretty nice! All sorts of stars, that weird... well, whatever it is we're traveling on. Way better than anything I would have had in prison back home, let me tell you. Not to mention the whole probably getting executed and not really getting to enjoy whatever I could see for long anyway thing, although I guess I'd have just wound up here a little later than I already did.

Not that I'm totally enjoying myself here or anything, but it's got a couple perks. [And raising his voice a little, his tone become a mite more obnoxious:] Could do without being babysat every day of the week though, thanks Admiral. I'm a big boy, I can take care of myself for a few hours without a warden, without something going terribly wrong.

Crazy, I know, but you've got to give us all the benefit of the doubt sooner or later.

[Filtered away from Kirk]

Speaking of which.

So. Kirk. Anything I should know about him before I get any further in this "redemption" [Fingerquotes.] process?
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Soooo I'm guessing that was one of those "breaches" that happens every once and a while around here? How often are we supposed to expect them happening, because I won't lie, I sort of like getting a head's up before I'm suddenly being whacked in the face by a stranger with a frying pan.

Anyone want to fess up to doing it, don't worry, I'm not mad. Just slightly bruised.

And what were you all getting excited about anyway? Some... winter holidays? Do they actually exist because honestly, this is the first time I've ever heard of them.

[ooc: Flynn was basically himself for the breach and was justly beaten in the face by Lua. If anyone wants to assume they ran into him, feel free!

And I'm assuming since most Disney fairytales are pretty not religious centered that Flynn has never heard of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa (although that is a case of not being from after the 1960's so)/etc. :V]
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[Hey Barge. Did you think you'd seen the last of the technologically inept new arrivals?

Well, sorry to disappoint, but here is another, slightly more permanent one, who - after pushing several buttons and probably giving it an experimental slap or two against a table - has managed to turn the video function on. So say hi to this 20something in a vest and long sleeved shirt, who is picking up the communicator and turning it around a little, still pretty not sure what the hell this thing is.]

- this thing for, anyway?

[Well. That's interesting. Flynn peers at it sort of curiously for a moment or two before shrugging and apparently deciding to take it with him while he figures out how he went from some weird tower in the middle of the woods to a relatively normal, familiar seeming inn.]

Hello? If anyone's seen an unclaimed satchel lying around, that's - woah.

[Yep, he's opened the door of his room, and that is not what the hallway of the inn he last stayed at looked liked. :|a]

[ooc: And if anyone on level four wants to spam him, go right ahead. He will be wandering and probably at some point have a temporary complete break with sanity because how do ship flying in space. :|]


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